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Science-based nutritionist, writer, editor, and researcher focusing on women's health, nutrition, disability, infertility, pregnancy, postpartum, allergies, mental health, parenthood, neurodiversity, and more.

  • Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from Purdue University
  • Master of Science in Nutrition Therapy from NTI
  • Ph.D. in Human Nutrition (Current) from Saybrook University
  • Certified Nutritionist

Author: The Everything Guide to Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (Simon & Schuster, 2016)

Things I Do

  • Researcher and fact-checker for brands, practitioners, and publications
  • Ghostwriter for MDs, PhDs, and other healthcare professionals
  • Copywriter and copyeditor
    • Specialties: Anything nutrition, health, fitness, parenting, mental health, neurodivergence, chronic illness, or disability-related.
    • Newsletters, website content, blog posts, articles, white papers, eBooks, manuscripts, & more.
  • Social media marketer & director
    • Specialties: Health, wellness, medical, mental health, nutrition, supplements, women's health, or parenting brands & companies
  • Bylines here and there as a journalist and contributing writer.

Want to work together or collaborate?

I am open to producing original, research-driven content for businesses in the health and wellness space that resonate with my mission for authenticity and prioritizing genuine customer relationships. I also work in and write for nonprofits, advocacy groups (especially those that focus on disability, neurodivergence, and chronic illness), and businesses, individuals, or projects that promote equity for neurodivergent, disabled, or other marginalized groups.

I take on a limited number of clients for ghostwriting, copyediting, or copywriting (individuals or companies) who are a good fit. I am currently accepting a limited number of clients.

Want to get in touch or see about a working relationship? Send me an email at hello@aimeemcnew.com.