About Me

Hi, I'm Aimee.

I'm a writer, nutritionist, and researcher who is passionate about how neurodivergence intersects with all aspects of life: health, reproduction, parenthood, creativity, daily routine, and more.

I'm a late-diagnosed autistic (mid-30s). When I finally learned I was neurodivergent, so much of my life finally made sense. I have always fallen through the cracks. Now I know why: I exist in a world that wasn't designed to let me be who I am.

Never really one extreme or the other, I've always felt out of sync and out of place.


Whether you're also autistic or neurodivergent in other ways (ADHD, OCD, sensory processing disorder, depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar, and beyond), or you're navigating disability or chronic illness/autoimmunity, you shouldn't feel alone... ever.

I'm no stranger to chronic health problems. I've spent years addressing multiple autoimmune disorders and clotting problems. When I started to accumulate mental health-related diagnoses, I knew that something was missing.

Have you felt that way, too?

This website and corresponding newsletter is my personal space to explore these intersecting concepts, but also to offer you support in your life. Intended to be an interactive experience, you're always welcome to hit "reply" to newsletter emails to continue the conversation.

You can find my work, focusing on dedicated spaces that also tend to fall through the cracks, in the pages of this website and also elsewhere on the internet here:


Want to get in touch? Drop me a note at hello@aimeemcnew.com or send me a DM on Instagram or Twitter.